What Is Life For?

Call +44 (0)7799 950 851 and speak after the tone

Wall-mounted GPO telephone, acrylic shelf, mp3 player
Sound installation. Dimensions variable

Open call for participants in sound installation: What Is Life For?

As if announced mid-conversation in a contemplative or exasperated tone, this awkward question seeks no definitive answer, but to perhaps further explore the rationale of the question itself: What Is Life For?

The project is open to anybody who wishes to take part by leaving any kind of response or interpretation desired, from light-hearted to deeply serious, on a dedicated answerphone.

Call +44 (0)7799 950 851 and speak after the tone.

Standard cost of call charged by your provider. Only voice messages will be considered. Please do not state any form of identification by way of name or location as this will not be used in the final piece. The voice has all the quality and is all the proof required.

A HUGE thank you everyone who has participated so far..!



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