TENSION |2014|
Wooden box, high-load brackets, egg crate grilles, vinyl wrap, audio equipment, projector
Sculpture - 118 x 30 x 40cm
Durational soundscape & installation (1h 36m)

Lingering news footage of 16 day war Operation Grapes of Wrath, loops over a vent-like object emitting a violent and hypnotic soundscape, at once far off and all-encompassing.

When war broke out between Israel and Lebanon in April 1996, the volunteers of Kfar Blum in the Hula Valley part of Upper Galilee, were told to remain as often as possible in the bomb shelters on site by the community of kibbutzniks vanished behind their robust shuttered windows. Directly hit three times, the chillingly unnatural sound of every building on the kibbutz shaking with violence seeped through the thick-walled shelters and drew the volunteers out to watch the spectacle in front of their eyes. As the cavernous cinema and communal dining hall stood empty near the besieged town of Qiryat Shmona, a former conscripted soldier put a name to the munitions that lit up the sky and loosened the ground beneath the various nationalities feet.

The soundscape and sequence of images coexist but interact by chance only.


Below are the original field recordings created for the project in two vast spaces, before being altered and edited together to form the audio of the installation.


© 2014 PM BROWNE